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Hi ! I am Dipesh Dulal, an educator and an edublogger. I have been directing myself towards study and research on ‘education for sustainability’ as an agenda of achieving global good through education. I have been an avid fan of place-based theories, and still believe in it’s relevance in post-2015 agenda of education and development. Currently, I have been pursuing a Master’s Degree Programme on ‘Pedagogy and Teaching for Sustainability’ at University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland – the place where I have been learning to be a self-driven human.

Despite the fact that I have decided to take part in constructive engagement with others via digital media as well, face-to-face and spatial engagements premised on local and global issues are important in global sustainability.

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Through Study Work Guide and Online Social Networks, I have been been helping enthusiastic students with ideas and suggestions for their aspirations of studies and scholarships in various countries. In return, they have been buying appropriate travel- and medical insurance through me (an agent of Swiss Care).

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