About Me

Hi there,

My name is Dipesh. I have been a teacher and blogger since the late 2000s. I continued teaching and blogging, rather intensively in the 2010s.

Because of my passion for teaching and blogging, I achieved some life-changing opportunities in these decades. In the 2020s, I have transformed my way of working (on blogs and in education) a little differently than in the past.

Now, I make a part of my living from blogging besides my profession. Saying so, I do not indulge in using click baits. I am satisfied with my approach to blogging and helping others by suggesting ideas with my experience and knowledge. Since I have current interests and experience in academia and blogging, I write on these niches only.

I have been a teacher of natural science, environmental sciences, population education, health and physical education, mathematics, and social studies. I have been working for a research degree too. My hobbies are blogging, blogging, and blogging. In academia and research, my interests are place-based theories, globalization, sustainability, and education for sustainability.

I almost forgot to mention that I can also help the needy ones with domain registrations, Blogger-based Websites, WordPress Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Cloudflare Servers, and Custom Emails.

However, I am not an active web entrepreneur based on Fiverr.com or any such platform. I have other things to do as well- living a sound life with family. In this website, I may post some articles on family life as well.

I personally believe that blogging involves far more and a wide range of creativity than swiping (or scrolling) almost forever on so-called social-media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. So, you might have understood why I help others in blogging besides my personal schedules of study and career.